meet erin

 Hey there!  I'm Erin, owner of It's Your Move, LLC.  We do a lot of organizing and relocation work around here, so whether you're moving in or moving on, we can help!  

Organizing and decluttering are my specialities, and with my engineering background, I'm logical in my approach to organizing and always aware of your budget, needs and requests.  Every space is different and I work with my clients to create a space that works for them and their family.  Investing in an organizing session with me will save you money in the long run ~ especially in the pantry!

I also help businesses streamline their office, reception and back stock rooms.  

I also work in Destination Services for people and families relocating to the area - help with settling in, finding schools, getting social security cards and driver's licenses as well as navigating the local culture. Since I lived overseas for 8 years, I have a special affinity for people moving to new cities.

I've moved 10 times in my married life and 6 times growing up, so I understand the stressors of unpacking and trying to find calm in the midst of chaotic environments.  I also have 2 boys and love travel, paper and coffee!